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History of Australian Lowlines

Australian Lowlines are descended from champion stock with an Australian history dating back to 1929.  Angus seed stock was purchased from Scotland, Canada, America and selected Australian studs to form the foundation of a research herd.  From 1929 to 1963 the Angus Research herd was prominent in the Australian showing circuit and won many major Royal Show awards.  After the purchase of herd sires from leading Angus studs in the 1960’s, the research herd, now known as Australian Lowlines, were closed to outside genetics in 1964.

You will find that most newer breeds don’t have a lot of trial data to back up their claims.  Fortunately, Lowlines have this wealth of information from over 20 years of research about the performance characteristics of the breed.  From the Angus research, the Lowline cattle were bred and developed from the 1970’s by the NSW Department of Agriculture and were finally released to the market in 1992.  Purebred Lowlines have been isolated from outside genetics since 1964, thus, producing a uniquely Australian breed.

Australian Lowlines are docile and well structured.  They offer smaller landholders and those farmers with limited acreage the option of keeping docile cattle of high quality and they offer mainstream farmers a true beef herd.  Lowlines have reduced calving difficulties and a higher percentage of cow returning to calf.  This enables the small farmer to run a more commercially viable stocking rate as progeny can be finished off on grass.  They thrive in minimal pastures, making them particularly suitable for smaller landholdings and during drought conditions.

Courtesy of the Southern Promotional Group Website.  A full history can be attained from the Australian Lowline Cattle Association website 

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