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Certified Lowline Beef

Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) is a term used by Australian Lowline cattle producers who have entered into an agreement with the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA). Eligibility to join the programme and market beef as ‘ Certified Lowline Beef ‘ is determined by the signing of and adherence to the terms of the CLB Producers Agreement.

To enter into an agreement, producers must be current members of ALCA and the provenance of their beef must be able to be proven by DNA and parent verification processes – therefore the minimum requirement of one registered Lowline parent must be met. The ultimate in traceability!
This traceability provides a guarantee of quality and providence for the consumer and a product management tool (to help identify the best beef producing genetics) for the producer.

There are a number of tiers to the program - Certified Lowline Beef, Premium Certified Lowline Beef, and Grass-fed Certified Lowline Beef which further differentiate the environment the animals are raised in and their genetic traceability.


Certified Lowline Beef ensures that at least one of the parents of the animal was a registered Australian Lowline animal with genetics traced back to the original Trangie research herd.  These products can come from crossbred animals where only one parent was an Australian Lowline.


Premium Certified Lowline Beef comes from animals who's parents were both registered Australian Lowlines, confirming it as  purebred Australian Lowline beef. 

Grass-fed Certified Lowline Beef meets the requirements of either category above and has been raised and finished on pastures.

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